Marvelous Customer Experience with Higher, Further, Faster Service

Marvelous Customer Experience with Higher, Further, Faster Service

Quick Take for marvelous customer experience:

  1. Higher – Better quality service – Omnichannel – Upgrading
  2. Further – Above and beyond service – Prevention – Gamification – Personalization
  3. Faster – Faster service – Quicker resolution

Captain Marvel is not only a powerful super heroine, her catchphrase has business applications – higher, further, faster. Take some tips from this superhero’s motto and raise your customer service game.


Does your business aim for the stars or are you happy hovering above the ground? There are standards of service.  However, the bar is constantly being raised by companies that understand customer expectations are changing. Technology has caused the desire for omnichannel support in customer service. Customers can reach their coworkers, family and friends by text, email and phone so they expect to be able to reach businesses the same way.

The Millennial and Gen Z generations are even more digitally connected than previous ones. Their demands on companies is especially high. With over $3 trillion in buying power it is worth it to aim high to reach them in the customer service game.

Even companies that have been around over 100 years know that reaching higher is what keeps them viable.

Investing in upgrading customer service tools, training and channel access reduces your CES (Customer Effort Score). The ROI is greater customer and agent loyalty, reducing costs and increasing revenue. Reduced effort + increased speed = satisfaction.


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Does your business go above and beyond customer expectations? Having a creative customer service approach can mean the difference between keeping or losing customers.

The old adage, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’, applies to business too. Preventing customer issues saves time and money over handling them, often repeatedly,  after they occur.

People want what makes them feel good. If you can give your customers a fun time they will remember you. Fun that is scalable keeps them coming back. Gamification is a valuable tool for upping  your customer experience rating. Shift customer to business interaction from hassle to play with apps, interactive websites, and games with prizes or points.

Your customers are individuals. They want to feel seen and heard. There are as many ways for you to reach them as they have to reach you.

When a personal touch is applied to customer contact you can create a lasting relationship.


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Faster Customer Service

A rideshare service can have a car at your door in minutes. Food delivery services and meal kits have made getting the meal you want quicker that ever without leaving the house. How does your customer experience measure up?

Even if you can’t break the sound barrier, customers have come to expect a level of quality and speed.

We no longer have to deal with dial-up internet, like in Captain Marvel’s 1990s setting. Still, making sure your website is visually rich but not taking ages to load is a good idea.

A second may not sound like much, but according to Neil Patel “A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.” The longer a site takes the more customers abandon it. This goes for both mobile and computer versions of your site.

Bail Out

No matter which channel a customer uses to contact your business they expect someone to respond quickly, or at least respond. Sadly, 62% of businesses don’t respond to emails from customers at all. Maybe they’re hoping they’ll just disappear.

The emails may not disappear but the customers do. Stats from different surveys may vary. However, the number of customers who say they will abandon a brand after a bad customer experience is sizable and has been for at least a decade. According to the Right Now Customer Experience Impact Report (CEI) of 2010 82% of customers leave after a bad experience.

Then in 2013 New Voice Media’s report indicated US businesses were losing $42 billion due to poor customer service. Their 2016 report raised that to $62 billion, and in their 2018 report the number was $75 billion!

B2X Customer Care 2025 report indicates that specifically 81% of Millennials and Gen Zs they surveyed have left a brand because of a negative customer experience.

Have you defined great customer service?

Be the Captain Marvel of your industry. Go higher, further, faster to provide marvelous customer experience.

That is your mission.