Welcome to CSAT.AI! Let’s get you up and running.

Our algorithms are trained on what we know, Customer Service. 

We take care of a significant amount scoring right from the get-go! The rest we learn along the way – gradually incorporating your company specifics into our algorithms to improve accuracy.

Any Support related questions, click here to contact us!

Managers, To get started:

  • After you install, open an email support ticket on Zendesk’s dashboard while you’re logged in as Admin.

    Your company/user information will be available to us and we will create an account based on that.

  • Once you are registered we’ll reach out to you.

    If you’ve not heard from us in 24 hours it is probably because we don’t yet have your contact information – PLEASE contact us! 

    – Email us at [email protected]
    Contact us

Questions setting up WOW! Service? We want to talk to you.

Schedule here!

Note*: If your organization has multiple names – [Widgets of the world] with subsidiary companies [Widgets of the Pacific Northwest and Puppyfeet Rainboots] we need to know that these accounts are officially associated with each other and to get the accounts merged properly. This often takes a little human intervention. We are on top of it! This is one of the reasons we might contact the administrator of your accounts.

SoCal Best Tech Startup Winner

CSAT.AI was voted Best Tech Startup in SOCAL in 2022 #TimmyAwards.