CSAT.AI transforms Customer Experience with automated quality assurance, compliance and real-time insights.

Now available on Zendesk platform.
Manual QA for customer service is tedious, labor intensive, prone to errors and costly. Typically, only 2% to 4% of email, chat, and phone engagements are audited. This affects metrics, agent sentiment and customer satisfaction. CSAT.AI combines the best of human intelligence and artificial intelligence to create an automated, proactive QA process and improve customer experience in real time.

How it works – Realtime!

CSAT.AI runs on Zendesk and is extremely easy to use. Use CSAT.AI (QA), get a holistic view of your customer service landscape at the end of every engagement. With the agent scorecard, you can measure your agent’s performance and create a better coaching and mentoring program. CSAT.AI (CX) scores the interactions during their engagements with customers. Agents see their scores in real time and can improve those scores proactively with each customer engagement.

Almost half of all agents surveyed think they lack adequate tools to measure and report metrics relevant to their success. CSAT.AI helps your KPI’s with measurements that proactively improve your agents First Contact Resolve (FCR) rate. Dramatically impacting your CX.
  • QA

  • Monitor 100% of emails and chats!
    • Years of research in advanced artificial intelligence made it possible.
    • CSAT Report after every engagement.
    • Score breakdown by metrics.
    • Agent Harassment notification to managers.

  • CX

  • Proactive feedback improves customer experience.
    • Realtime and Proactive feedback for agent during customer engagement.
    • Grammar alert, Offensive language PREVENTED.
    • Score breakdown by metrics.
    • Agent Harassment notification in real time.

Customers can be… rude, not just a little bit, but aggressive and even mean. CSAT.AI informs managers when the customers misbehaved, the managers could be flagged to consult with the agents. This gives the agents a moment to relax, catch their breath and reduce stress, know that they matter. Ultimately STOPs agent churn.

Agent Scorecard

CSAT.AI Keeps the SCORE. Now your managers and agents spot trends across the entire contact center or delve into the progress of an individual agent.

CSAT.AI Metrics:

  • WOW! Service
  • Query Resolved
  • Empathy
WOW! is when your agent actively engages your customer and goes above and beyond customer expectations!

Getting started is easy

If you have 10 agents or 100s we have you covered. These tools are meant to help agents know if they are doing a good job and providing the opportunity to fix any issue before ending the engagement. This is how we feel about you too!

Effective Tools → Agent Success → Company Success

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Email Evaluation
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Chat Evaluation
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