About us

CSAT.AI is product of years of research working with advanced AI at Navedas, a Los Angeles based company that has saved clients over 250 Million Dollars with their quiet magic supporting third party operations using human assisted AI and Robotics.

From idea to final product

We began as a company analyzing data, consolidating it, and cleaning it up to ensure accuracy and scalability. Though we were helping our clients in measuring the contact center performance, but we were not Proactive in our action. Our extensive research on Artificial Intelligence enabled us to think beyond QA and CSAT.AI – the real time evaluation of customer interactions, was born.

Our Process

CSAT.AI uses advanced machine learning, deep learning algorithms to analyze every response – while your Customer Service Reps communicate with your customers! Reps see their scores change as they type letting them know in real time that they are hitting the mark, giving them every opportunity to improve the response – taking your customer service to whole new level.

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