CSAT.AI improves and evaluates customer service in-the-moment. Prevent bad customer experience while training agents and scaling QA with customizable automatic scoring. Analyze 100% of email, chat, and social media interactions for issue resolution, sentiment, empathy, and so much more.

  • Agents see their scores proactively helping them to self-correct and prevent bad habits.
  • QA is Automated for core metrics.
  • Managers have real time knowledge from three sources of truth: CSAT.AI, surveys and customer sentiment in one place.
  • Agents and managers know when the customer’s questions are answered.
  • Agents know when they’re successfully empathetic and when they score WOW service.
  • Managers see comprehensive score data for all agents and can use that information to reward and train.
  • Managers know when agents have been harassed and can actively support them.
What is AI for QA?

CSAT.AI monitors 100% of engagements! Beat the current quality assurance standard for customer service which only covers 2%-5% of engagements. Get ahead of your competition with 100% coverage. CSAT.AI scores agents for 1.5 cents to 2 cents per ticket on average and it lets you know:

  • When customer’s questions have been answered.
  • When agents have been empathetic.
  • And if your agents WOW with their service!
How can CSAT.AI improve First Contact Resolution (FCR)?

FCR improves when customers get their questions answered completely during the initial conversation, eliminating the need for additional contacts. CSAT.AI informs agents if customer questions have been answered.

Why is automating QA important?

Before CSAT.AI, QA was a labor intensive process only producing partial data and completed long after the engagements ended. CSAT.AI automates and streamlines the QA workflow with proactive feedback on 100% of interactions. Quick and comprehensive feedback allows agents to improve their CSAT scores. CSAT.AI eliminates spreadsheets and biases through automation.

Is CSAT.AI good for morale?

Yes! Strong agent-manager relationships are built with trust. CSAT.AI is an unbiased method for evaluating the performance of your customer service team. It also notifies managers when agents are harassed or abused by customers so agents can be properly supported in the most stressful part of their job.


CSAT.AI is structured to facilitate communication not only between agents and customers, but also between agents and their team leads, and management. Agents have a voice in the scoring process supported with intuitive workflows to verify and challenge scores when necessary. This creates a fair, comprehensive environment with lots of positive reinforcements.

How does CSAT.AI improve customer service agent performance?

CSAT.AI is a proactive solution for customer service agents. Agents are notified of their CX scores during the interaction and QA dashboards update immediately after an interaction. This timely data allows agents to course correct and prevent bad habits. Additionally, agents have their own dashboards where they can easily track their personal performance over time.

With CSAT.AI management has the necessary data to plan further training and rewards for excellent service. Agents are given a score on a scale of 1-5 stars on:

  • Solution – how completely the customer question is answered
  • Empathy – how understanding and engaging the agent is. Do they greet the customer by name?
  • WOW! Service – level of exceptional service which includes:
    • Clarifying questions – if the agent has asked the customer for details to ensure the problem is fully addressed.
    • Additional information provided – are customers informed on relevant details to their inquiries.
    • Offensive language – identifying when the agent is in appropriate – complete WOW score is nullified
    • Grammar – notification of grammar/spelling errors

Management is notified when agents have been harassed. This allows management to step in and provide support to the agent after unacceptable customer behavior.

What CRM platforms are supported?

Currently we support Zendesk.


Other platforms are coming soon!

Is CSAT.AI a Survey?

CSAT.AI has surveys, but there is so much more! It shows 3 moments of truth from 3 sources.

    1. Our original patent pending CSAT.AI which uses AI and machine learning to evaluate the customer service agent’s performance.
    2. Customer Sentiment assessment based on what the customer writes during the engagement.
    3. CSAT Survey results
      1. CSAT.AI macro surveys
      2. CSAT.AI Intelligent Surveys (Beta)
      3. Zendesk surveys
Can CSAT.AI help me?
    1. Do you have QA Teams, and/or dedicated trainers?
    2. Want to Integrate QA, CSAT and agent training?
    3. Are your customer service reps working remotely?
    4. Is your team currently/or will have some sort of feedback/quality assurance program?
    5. Does your team have 10+ members?

      Timing and department forecasts:
    6. Plan to scale/distribute customer service teams?
    7. Need tools to maintain high quality service?
    8. Want to improve the speed of training new agents?

      Department’s behavioral actions:
    9. Want to proactively prevent bad service?
    10. Are your current QA scorecards built with inefficient internal and or manual tools (ex. spreadsheets)?
    11. Do you have a fear of being sued by customers?
    12. Are your agents churning because they are frustrated by lack of training?
What is on the CSAT.AI Scorecards?

Scorecards per agent and/or channel (Email, Live Chat, Social Media, etc.) include core metrics which are automatically scored with AI.


  • Solution
  • Empathy
  • Follow-up (Closing)
  • Issue Clarification
  • Additional information provided?
  • Greetings
  • Improper Ticket Closing
  • Grammar


Scorecards can also include additional custom metrics with manual scoring. (Additional automatic metrics are in the works!)

Can I change the metrics and/or weights?

Yes! On the Admin settings page you may choose what percentage each metric contributes to the total score.

What Channels do you support?

All text based channels including: chat, e-mail, social media etc.

Do you support voice?

Not yet, but we’re working on it!

I have a large customer service center with multiple teams, is CSAT.AI right for me?

Yes! Yes! Yes! CSAT.AI prescreens large volumes of tickets with AI so your time is spent improving the bad not staring at line after line of good tickets. Assign tickets in bulk to QA agents tracking verifications and communications with agents in one place.


CSAT.AI’s QA workflow allows you to prioritize tickets with automatic scoring and is designed to allow multiple graders to review questionable tickets while tracking feedback. Agents are given a place to disagree and communicate with managers so adjustments can be based on real world results keeping everyone accountable.


Easy to use customizable metrics enable QA agents to focus and track their time. You’ll be able to scrutinize more tickets, with better consistency with fewer people.

How does CSAT.AI assist in agent training?

Agents can see immediate feedback on the quality of their responses via AI with built in tools to facilitate conversation and training on manual reviews.


It is proven that frequent feedback drives improvement. Decades of research has shown that positive feedback yields quicker results. Managers can reinforce positive behaviors without being everywhere at once. Management sets the rubric. CSAT.AI analyses then shares the results.

How does CSAT.AI work?

Our Patent Pending AI models score tickets based on hundreds of millions of ideal responses so you don’t have to. Disagree with a score? Checks and balances are built in for ongoing improvement. Your brand tone and empathy is no longer subjective – specifically respond to customers in their tone for better scores.

Tell me more about your automated reporting…

Sort reports with intelligent filters. Break down QA scores by channel(s), trend, on the team-level or individual-level. Compare agents without bias and let agents see their ranks. Easily identify training opportunities and run performance management reports. Agents can see their scores live in real-time.

How do I get started on Zendesk?
  1. One click install from within the Zendesk Marketplace (there is one for support and another for chat)
  2. Have questions or want a personal walk through? Make an appointment now!
  3. We have training decks for agents and managers here: https://www.csat.ai/new-to-csat-ai/
Can I get the reporting before I implement the live scores to my agents?

YES! This is the best way to begin using CSAT.AI. CSAT.AI can run in the background scoring tickets while management can adjust sets to better reflect Brand Voice and desired outcomes.


On the teams/agents settings page change the extension mode from “CX” to “QA”.
Want help with your settings? Schedule a walkthrough here: Welcome to CSAT.AI

Tell me more about Quality Assurance, CSAT, and Sentiment…

Analyze customer trends over time. Compare and contrast CSAT.AI scores with integrated Zendesk /3rd party surveys along with in-ticket customer sentiment. Different scores with different response rates give you a holistic view of your CX (customer experience). Because few people say how they really feel, fewer respond to surveys, and you never know what their baseline of service is (wouldn’t give anyone a 5 star review). CSAT.AI provides an unbiased baseline to track the changes of customer satisfaction.

I want CSAT.AI, how do I get my boss onboard?

At $0.02 per ticket or less, you’ll be able to scrutinize more tickets, with better consistency using fewer people. Your customers will be better served. Your agents’ training improved, with assistance to stay on task, even while working remotely. Agent churn can also be reduced keeping seats consistently filled saves recruitment and training costs. Want us to know more? Set up a demo now! 


If that isn’t enough, ask if a proactive tool is too expensive? How much money is lost on the backend fixing bad feedback?


CSAT.AI provides faster agent training and improved CSAT scores, not to mention most agents like it. Agent evaluations happen automatically giving them the tools for self improvement while removing surprises from coaching sessions.


Are performance management decisions made based on quality of work? If so, you want to make sure you measure it the right way consistently across teams and agents. It’s in your best interest to give agents the tools to succeed! CSAT.AI provides the granular insights across multiple metrics for improvements that are cost effective while significantly reducing QA workloads.

My team scales or becomes distributed, or if I hire temporary workers, am I concerned about a dip in CSAT or overall service quality?

Run CSAT.AI to proactively monitor and address quality issues in real time, not after the fact.

What if we don’t think CSAT measures agent quality?

Using CSAT to indicate an agent’s quality of work was historically challenging – as some customers left bad CSAT ratings for reasons outside of an agent’s control (the outcome, policy, or product etc). Additionally, each customer had individual definitions of good customer service, leaving CX professionals with no way of knowing if a given rating was based on unrealistic expectations (no one deserves 5 stars… ever). CSAT.AI provides three moments of truth for a granular understanding of your CX journey. Core metrics are scored automatically with uniform metrics, customer sentiment is measured as it changes during the engagement and afterwards, intelligent surveys are available for further analysis. CSAT.AI was created to provide a complete picture with actionable details for customer service agents to self train and to assist CX professionals running contact centers! We make CSAT work for you while helping your agents prevent bad customer service.