CSAT.AI provides unbiased real time feedback to both your agents and your managers. Empower your agents with this proactive tool for self-training. Empower your managers with data they can use to coach for performance.

  • Managers stop using cumbersome spreadsheets.
  • Managers know which agents are performing well and which agents need to improve.
  • Agents see their scores proactively helping them to self-correct and preventing bad habits.
  • Agents and managers know when the customer’s questions are answered.
  • Your agents know when they’re successfully empathetic AND when they have scored WOW service.
  • Your managers see comprehensive score data for all agents and can use that information to reward and train.
  • Managers know when agents are being harassed and can actively support them.
What is AI for QA?

CSAT.AI monitors 100% of engagements! Beat the current quality assurance standard for customer service which only covers 2%-5% of engagements. Get ahead of your competition with 100% coverage. CSAT.AI scores agents for 1.5 cents to 2 cents per ticket on average and it lets you know:

  • When questions have been answered.
  • When agents have been empathetic.
  • And if your agents WOW with their service!
How can AI improve First Contact Resolution (FCR)?

FCR improves when customers get their questions answered at first engagement, eliminating the need for secondary contact. CSAT.AI informs agents and managers when customer questions have been answered.

Why is automating QA important?

Before CSAT.AI, QA was a labor intensive process only producing partial data and completed long after the engagements end. CSAT.AI automation updates and streamlines the process with proactive feedback on 100% of interactions. Quick and comprehensive feedback allows agents to improve their CSAT score. CSAT.AI eliminates spreadsheets and biases through automation.

Is CSAT.AI good for morale?

Old fashioned QA evaluated 2-5% of engagements. That’s not good enough. The process is tedious, limited and is too small of a sample size for effective analysis. CSAT.AI modernizes QA by reporting on 100% of engagements with the ease and speed of automation. By covering 100% of engagements automatically rather than manually, all agent work is reported on fairly and without bias. Managers have the data to celebrate and reinforce great interactions improving CSAT.


YES! Strong agent-manager relationships are built with trust. CSAT.AI is an unbiased method for evaluating the performance of your customer service team. It also notifies managers when agents are harassed or abused by customers so agents can be properly supported in the most stressful part of their job.

How does CSAT.AI improve customer service agent performance?

CSAT.AI is a proactive solution for customer service agent challenges. Agents are notified of their CX scores during the interaction and QA reports immediately after an interaction. This timely data allows agents to course correct preventing bad habits. It also gives management the necessary data to plan further training and rewards for excellent service. Agents are given a score on a scale of 1-5 stars on:

  • Query resolved – how completely the customer question is answered
  • Empathy – how understanding and engaging the agent is
  • Wow service – level of exceptional service which includes:
    • Grammar – notification of grammar or spelling errors
    • Clarifying questions – if the agent has asked the customer for details to ensure the problem is fully addressed
    • Offensive language – identifying when the agent is in appropriate – complete WOW score is nullified

Management is notified when agents have been harassed. This allows management to step in and provide support to the agent and stop unacceptable customer behavior.

What CRM platforms are supported?

Currently we support Zendesk.


Other platforms are coming soon!