Deliver Quality Customer Service Remotely

Don’t stress about managing your team remotely; you can monitor quality assurance from anywhere in the world with CSAT.AI. Agents are self trained with gamified guidance automated through evaluations which supervisors can easily monitor thus intervene in real time.

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Work from Anywhere

No spreadsheets, No separate applications. Just login to your Customer Support CRM or CSAT.AI Dashboard to review your customer and agent experiences.

CX success through team leadership

Agents Self-Manage

Agents are self guided during interactions with real-time feedback. Positive reinforcements with appreciation messages for the top performers and the low performers are provided gentle reminders with self training instructions through their individual agent dashboards.

Supervise with Confidence

The CSAT.AI platform allows supervisors to see feedback in real time. When an agent is abused or a customer threatens legal action against your company, browser enabled alerts can prompt your immediate response so you may jump into the conversation, provide moral support to the agent through counselling or notify legal or other relevant departments.


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