Where to Start with AI to Get Better CX Results

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Where to Start with AI to Get Better CX Results

Research shows customers want a better and better experience in exchange for their loyalty. Studies also show that companies are aware of this and want to provide upgraded experiences.  AI can help, but companies that can’t handle a complete overhaul wonder where to start with AI. The good news is it’s possible to engage AI to enhance customer experience and service without blowing the budget.

Customers Want Better Service and CX

Customers are demanding great CX. Shep Hyken conducted a 2020 study that showed, “96% of customers will leave you for bad service.” 

Emplifi shared research in 2022 that revealed similar high numbers, with 86% of consumers saying they’d drop a brand they were loyal to after just two to three bad experiences. Expecting customers to be overly patient is a losing gamble. Many businesses get this.

Companies Want to Get Better CX Results

Microsoft surveyed businesses from multiple continents for their 2023 report: Global State of Customer Service Sophistication. They found that multiple industries of varying sizes are interested in leveling up their CX and service.

Zendesk CX Trends 2023 found that 77% of business leaders who have invested in improved CX got a return on their investment. The Zendesk report also showed that consumers feel the investment has been worthwhile too. 76% indicated they were satisfied with the service they had over the past year, and 56% said that they noticed an improvement in service.

Agents Are Still an Important Key to CX

Another finding of the recent Microsoft report was that the call center is still a large part of customer experience and service. Of the companies surveyed 46% use voice as their primary engagement channel, and another 15% use a combination of voice and web. 

Though omnichannel is making large strides and is expected to continue to grow, agents are still a vital part of CX. 

Incorporating AI to Support Agents and Enhance Customer Experience

With the rising costs of labor, it’s vital for companies to employ that labor wisely. The Microsoft report  agreed that investing in AI powered tools that augment agent efficacy is a practical choice. 

When agents have the pressure of manual tasks like summaries taken off their list, they are able to devote more time to solving customer issues. Ongoing training that occurs during interactions saves both agents and their managers valuable time too.

The Zendesk Trends Report acknowledged that AI is a driver in CX. Customers are more comfortable with it, even expecting it to become a greater part of the service experience. However, 62% of business leaders surveyed say their companies lag behind in using AI due to organization and budgetary issues.

Where to Start With AI: CSAT.AI

AI doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach though. Wondering where to start with AI? Start with a solution that provides ROI more quickly than a complete organizational overhaul and with low expenditure. 

CSAT.AI uses proprietary AI built specifically for customer service and offers multiple returns:

  • Support for customer service agents in the moment with prompts and performance tracking 
  • Valuable data across multiple touch points utilizing generative AI, surveys and customer sentiment
  • Built-in QA workflows for agent management and granular data

CSAT.AI provides three moments of truth for a deeper understanding of your CX journey. Core metrics are scored automatically. Customer sentiment prompts agent alerts and intelligent surveys provide another angle for a wider view of the customer landscape. CSAT.AI was created to provide a complete picture with actionable details for agents to self train and to assist CX professionals running contact centers.

Companies want to provide better CX and service because customers are demanding it. AI is only going to become a bigger player in service. Let AI help you raise your customer service bar. A full AI overhaul may be overwhelming for small to midsize businesses. If you’re wondering where to start with AI to get better CX, start where you get a good return on a small investment, with CSAT.AI.