New: Harness the Power of Generative AI Summaries with CSAT.AI

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New: Harness the Power of Generative AI Summaries with CSAT.AI

You know that your business needs to provide great customer service to compete. You also know that you need to allocate your human and monetary resources to tools that provide a great return for your investment. Now CSAT.AI can help your business save more time and money with generative AI summaries and training. 

Summarize interactions with generative AI so that your employees don’t have to. This frees them to address more nuanced customer pain points. At the same time, your managers get insight into agent performance and QA,  so that training can be applied where needed. 

CSAT.AI  understands the problem of manager and agent overwhelm, focusing on the problematic tickets that are the issue. 

First you need to analyze problem tickets. That’s what CSAT.AI generative AI synopses are for.

Then you need to have that information in the moment. That’s the purpose of the live metric analysis that agents can see on their dashboards. 

Thirdly, you need to have ongoing training so that positive behaviors are reinforced and negative ones are weeded out. That’s also the purpose of the analysis and coaching part of CSAT.AI.

CSAT.AI Agent Performance and Coaching Report with generative AI summaries, analysis and customer service agent training tools

Generative AI summaries also give agents insight into customer history to address their needs more efficiently. The better your customer issues are addressed the happier your customers will be.

These features are in addition to CSAT.AI’s AI powered surveys, patented in the moment agent feedback and sentiment analysis which can improve CSAT, first contact resolution and reduce QA and training costs.

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