7 New Customer Experience Memes with Stats

customer experience meme with a cartoon of a robot in a chef's hat saying that the wedding topper never arrived. I had to use a garden gnome. the bride wants a refund.'

7 New Customer Experience Memes with Stats

People love memes. They make relatable experiences shareable in a quick visualized way and sometimes they’re just fun. Here are some customer experience memes I created based on stats to encourage raising your CX.

52% of customers will change providers after one negative impression

(Zendesk CX Trends Report 2023)

customer experience meme with cartoon rooster, representing the customer, walking away from one hen, your company, toward another hen, your competitor

It doesn’t take much to turn customers away. Even one bad experience can cause them to churn. Investing in quality CX and service is worth keeping the valuable customers you earned.

70% of consumers expect everyone they interact with at a company to have all the info on them and their issue

(Zendesk CX Trends Report 2023)

customer experience meme with two stylish young women with coffee, one saying '...so as I said, I never got my order. Can you help me?' and the other saying 'What's your name again?'

No one likes repeating themselves, especially your customers. Making them go through their personal details and their issue with every service channel or agent wastes their time and yours. Integrate your service channels to smooth your CX.  

CSAT.AI analyzes interactions for annoying repetitions customers experience like this. The AI positively reinforces to agents when the query has actually been addressed, so they know when they’re on track. It also prompts agents when key elements are missing (like addressing the customer by name). 

61% of loyal customers will go out of their way for their favorite brand.  

(In Moment)

customer experience meme with image of man serving coffee to diverse customers who have speech bubbles saying 'we just drove 100 miles circumvented 3 roadblocks and climbed a hill while being chased by a pack of wild dogs just to get your coffee.'
Are your customers this loyal

When your customers love your product it shows in how far they’ll go to get it. Standing in line all night, driving out of their way and paying a higher price than competitors are some ways customers show their devotion. Honor that loyalty with excellent CX.

AI is able to improve productivity by 40 percent.


two images one of an unhappy worker with an enormous workload on the desk with the words 'without ai' above, the other of a happy worker who has finished their work with the words 'with AI' above. This is a customer experience meme

Making your agents’ job easier benefits customer experience too. There are multiple ways of employing AI to increase productivity, reduce churn, save time and improve data sets. CSAT.AI uses AI to monitor interactions, perform QA and create useful summaries complete with coaching suggestions.

72% of customers want immediate service

(Zendesk CX Trends Report 2023)

customer experience meme with image of coach with stopwatch saying 'Let's see just how fast you can process my return'

Your customers are as busy as you are. It’s no wonder they want service faster and faster. Be ready to provide them with a response quickly even if the answer takes more time.

Only 38% of customers in the US think employees understand what they expect (46% outside the US agree)

(PwC The Future of Customer)

Understanding what your customers want and delivering it is the basis of the business-customer relationship. If you don’t know what your customers need and expect, ask them, consult research or conduct your own. You can’t have a successful business without that knowledge. Plus, make sure your agents are trained to ask the right questions so that they understand what’s expected and then (within policies and reason) deliver it.

By 2026 it’s expected that 20% of inbound customer service contacts will be from machine customers  


customer experience meme with a cartoon of a robot in a chef's hat saying that the wedding topper never arrived. I had to use a garden gnome. the bride wants a refund.'

Companies have been using bots for years. It was only a matter of time before customers would be using them too. You may find yourself engaging not with your customer directly, but with their robot proxy to get their customer service needs met. The sooner you have a plan in place to manage this coming shift the better according to Gartner research.

Though customer service stat memes like this are relatable and funny, quality CX is no joke. It doesn’t do your business any favors to have laughable service. Aim to have such good CX that your customers become your best PR.