Unlock Better Customer Feedback and Service Agent Scoring With These Tips 

hand holding tablet showing a rate your experience asking customer for their 5 star customer service rating

Unlock Better Customer Feedback and Service Agent Scoring With These Tips 

Customers give feedback and scores for their service interactions based on their individual concepts of scoring. Most don’t know how their reviews, scores or even complete lack of feedback impact your agents or your business. There are ways to unlock better customer feedback and service agent scoring. 

The Customer’s Perspective: Better Customer Feedback and Agent Scores

For customers, agent scoring can sometimes seem like murky waters. Customers interact with customer service agents to resolve their issues, share feedback, or seek assistance but remain unaware of the metrics and scoring system that governs an agent’s performance. This knowledge gap can lead to unrealistic expectations, low feedback rates and undeserved poor ratings for the agent. 

To avoid customer frustration and deliver seamless experiences, organizations must make customer feedback easy, help them understand the value of their responses and offer value in return.

How to Improve Customer Feedback and Scores

Make it easy – Customers are busy. Respect their time and improve your chances of receiving a survey or five star response by keeping it simple and short. For in-house customers, consider allowing a customer to give a positive score before they even leave the store. If they’ve had a great experience they’re more likely to give a great score in the moment than going to the link on their receipt when they get home amidst numerous distractions.

Offer something in return – Customers are more likely to give you their time if you give them something too. Yes, great service is giving them something. However, deals and gamified feedback options are examples of great service options that raise the bar, and potentially, your scores.

Make understanding agent scoring part of the service interaction – Don’t bog down your customers with scoring jargon. Provide agents with training and language to use during interactions that nudge customers in the direction of positive feedback. Let them know the value of a 5 star score without pressuring them to give it. 

Listen and respond – When you ask for customer feedback let them know how you will use it. Be transparent about how their scores impact your business. Acknowledge their praise as well as their concerns. Your customers value being heard and having an impact. Automation can help you be responsive and communicate with your customers in a timely way without additional employee burden.

Use smart surveys and phrase based models – Harness timing, customer segmentation to target, and AI supported phrase based models to improve survey responses and automate gathering customer sentiment data. This addresses both your need for solid data and scoring and the customer need for speed and being heard.

The Value of Agent Scoring

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, customer service is the differentiator between brands. Agent scoring allows managers and supervisors to measure the effectiveness of their customer service strategy, empowering them to make data-driven decisions that improve both agent and overall team performance. This, in turn, helps organizations offer better support to their customers, retain existing clients, attract new business, and maintain their competitive edge.

Agent scoring is a powerful tool for managers to assess and improve the performance of customer service agents. By evaluating an agent’s performance against pre-defined metrics, such as First Contact Resolution (FCR), Average Handling Time (AHT), CSAT, quality of communication, and customer satisfaction scores, managers can identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Additionally, agent scoring helps ensure consistency in delivering excellent customer experiences. With agent scoring managers can gain valuable insights into their team’s performance and take action to drive better results.

Agent scoring plays a significant role in shaping customer experiences. Demystifying agent scoring can foster better communication, improve customer feedback, align expectations, and benefit your customer relationships. It’s time to lift the veil on agent scoring and help your customers appreciate the hard work and dedication of the experts who support them every day. So, are you ready to improve your customer feedback?