CSAT.AI for Customer Experience and Quality Assurance, Your New Best Friend

CSATfor Customer Experience and Quality Assurance.AI

CSAT.AI for Customer Experience and Quality Assurance, Your New Best Friend

Are you sad that you can only monitor a small fraction of customer service interactions? Imagine a world where you monitor 100% of interactions in a supportive way visible to agents and managers alike without falling over from exhaustion. That kind of deep dive data would give you a solid picture of your service revealing what is working and what needs improvement. Sadness and exhaustion over QA is so 2019. This is the new roaring twenties. Welcome to CSAT.AI for customer experience and quality assurance, your new best friend.

With this innovative tool QA monitoring is automated, covering all of your chat and email interactions. CSAT.AI supports your agents with real time feedback enabling them to provide excellent customer experience.

Your managers are covered also. With comprehensive insights on their team and notifications of challenging situations in the moment, they know when to step in.

The Power of QA/Compliance Automation

“Historically, QA has measured only 2% – 4% of engagements, providing limited snapshots long after the interaction is over. #Timesup on agents routinely harassed by customers: being sworn at or called names. We run QA on 100% of engagements, it makes sense to add a beneficial layer for agents too. CSAT.AI is the perfect tool.” ~Pullak Mohanty, Navedas Co-founder

Automating QA makes it possible to track 100% of interactions. Having data from the history of each agent over all interactions gives your managers the information they need to target their training efforts.

CSAT.AI also allows your managers to move from making guesses based on partial information to identifying specific problems and applying their expertise to solve them. It is a human assisted AI tool. Artificial intelligence parses the data quickly and agents in turn use that data to improve CX. You might just finish that coffee before it gets cold!

AI applied to support your human employees helps them to accomplish more with less time. You benefit by having more engaged employees and difficult issues addressed with finesse.

Multiple Capabilities

Straight out of the box capabilities include:

  • Agent scoring across key areas
  • 100% engagement analysis
  • Manager setting options out of the box include:
    • Grammar and spell check
    • Offensive language alerts
    • Monitoring for harassment by customers
    • Agent marking of tickets for manager review
    • And more

CSAT.AI is customizable with industry specific upgrades available: 

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data does not need to be stored
  • Keywords are storable for analysis. With CSAT.AI you are able to search for legal terms/litigious language, and flag those interactions. Search for delivery issues, accidental orders, and return policies, for example.
  • The tool can be used to monitor agents for compliance to policies. 

Real Time Contact Center Agent Support

The majority of QA occurs after an interaction ends. This causes a disconnect between agents and their scores which impedes learning. Immediate scores prompt immediate action, and reinforce positive habits that lead to improved performance.  

With CSAT.AI your agents see their scores in real time and receive notifications to help them improve customer experience in the moment. 

These scores cover three important areas: 

  • Empathy –  Agent sensitivity to customer needs 
  • Query resolved – Ensuring the customer inquiry is addressed
  • Wow service – Level of excellence in service

Your agents see their scores move up or down based on what they write. Scores guide them to make the most clear, helpful and empathetic responses. In this way, CSAT.AI is also a powerful training tool supporting your agent’s success and your company’s success. Spend your valuable time coaching and growing your agents, not monitoring them, for better ROI.

Easy to Use Visual Dashboards

Managers are empowered by being able to view and use data in the way most beneficial to them. Viewing data by agent, score, or time period enables managers to effectively train, by clearly separating low performers from high ones.  

CSAT.AI keeps the score. Now your managers and agents spot trends across the entire contact center or delve into the progress of an individual agent

Use CSAT.AI  to get a holistic view of your customer service landscape at the end of every engagement.

Trends – Agent Performance

The trend dashboard is a quick, visual way to review agent performance across the total number of interactions and key metrics.


Managers are able to use customized tags to track issues specific to their industry and business. This allows them to apply data driven management, optimize training, and schedule effectively.

Optional Extra – Grammar

Words matter. One misplaced letter changes everything:

Image from BoredPanda

Optional grammar notifications are available to ensure correct wording before your agents hit send. This way they present themselves, and thereby your company, in the most professional manner.

And yes, we want to exist.

Want to Know More?

This is just a taste of what CSAT.AI can do for your company. CSAT.AI for customer experience and quality assurance is your new best friend, providing support for your customers and your agents. Now available on the Zendesk Marketplace, download CSAT.AI and get started. 

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