How AI Support Apps on Zendesk Help Your CX and EX Now

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How AI Support Apps on Zendesk Help Your CX and EX Now

You can’t stop the AI wave, but you don’t have to get drowned by it. You can get in the water by using accessible AI support apps on Zendesk to help CX and EX that integrate with what you already use. Your company doesn’t need to be gigantic or have a massive budget for an entire overhaul to be able to benefit from the power of AI.

Businesses and Customers Want AI

It’s a great time to employ AI in your customer service strategy. The 2023 Zendesk CX Trends Report reveals customers are becoming more comfortable with being served by AI and companies are investing in it. From the report:

  • 77% of customers believe AI/bots to be useful for simple issues
  • 71% of customers believe AI/bots provide quicker replies
  • 67% believe AI/bots frequently give correct information
  • Customers want to be able to ask AI more complex questions and have the interactions feel natural and personalized
  • 72% of businesses say expanding the use of AI is somewhat important to very important over the next year
  • However 60% of organizations surveyed said their adoption of AI has been ad-hoc rather than strategically planned or sweeping

There are various predictions of how newer AI tools will save money and grow profit in the future. But there are ways AI support apps can provide cost savings for you with less effort and wait.

Tips on Implementing AI Tools for Customer Service

With all of the talk about generative and conversational AI it can appear like all or nothing to be able to compete in the growing technological business landscape. But regardless of the hype, right now these forms of AI aren’t an out of the box fit for customer service. They still provide inconsistent and even incorrect results that require human oversight. These tools don’t integrate with CRMs and other commonly used systems. They have a high cost of integration and maintenance. Plus they need to be trained on a specific data set.

Using AI support apps on Zendesk right now, that were created specifically for customer service, can provide great value and get you into the AI game.

If your company doesn’t have a dedicated QA professional or department you can benefit from using an automated QA tool. This can ease costs and reduce strain on your employees.  Managers are already overwhelmed by service level agreements (SLAs), addressing customer complaints, scheduling and agent training. 

Which of These Customer Service AI Tools Are You Using?

AI is more accessible than you may think. Here are some application types that you can use to up your CX and EX, if you haven’t already.

Predictive Analytics

Using past data to discover patterns that can be used to predict future customer behaviors, preferences, future spend and even customer lifetime value (CLV) can help your company stay ahead of the customer retention game.

Automated Request Routing

You need triage on those customer inquiries and AI can help you with that. Routing customer requests to the best department or even the best agent/team for the type of inquiry automatically (if you segment your customers or employ agile principles) reduces costs. It also  relieves agents of repetitive tasks so they can grow their knowledge, be more engaged and provide greater value to you.

Sentiment Analysis Systems

It’s important to know how your customers feel about their last interaction, about your product(s), and about your company. You can’t fix a problem you’re not aware of. AI based sentiment analysis reviews inquiries and interactions. Using natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLM), these tools can let you know if a customer is very pleased and likely to recommend your company, or angry enough to find another one. 

QA Automation

The recent past of quality assurance was a manual slog of reviewing as many interactions as a manager or supervisor had time for. Often this resulted in a spotty data set lacking in consistency. AI is capable of reviewing large numbers of interactions and with the same criteria. These larger data sets are important in evolving your customer service and reducing churn.

How You Can Get Multiple Benefits From One App

CSAT.AI is an AI support app available on Zendesk and built with multiple places to verify the quality of the output. You have the agent agreeing with a score, or not, during the interaction. Sentiment analysis is happening at the same time. Follow up surveys, which are smart surveys, are built into CSAT.AI with customization options. You can send smart surveys to prevent oversampling,  or based on your own internal tags to track what you want to track.  You can utilize phrase based models for refining your QA. 

CSAT.AI is customer friendly, agent friendly and manager friendly, already integrated with Zendesk and available now to give your company the benefit of AI.

Jump in. The water’s fine.