Contact Centers – The Unsung Heroes of Customer Service

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Contact Centers – The Unsung Heroes of Customer Service

The buck Stops with contact centers

“The Buck Stops Here”. Former POTUS Harry S. Truman had that saying on his desk as a reminder that when it came to ‘passing the buck,’ (an expression that means passing the blame) he was the very last stop. Where businesses are concerned, contact centers and call centers are where the buck stops. All problems eventually find their way to our contact center professionals.

These agents put on their super suits and find solutions. Without this Super Solver Team of heroes businesses are at the mercy of the enemy – Customer Dissatisfaction.

Super Tools

Customer Dissatisfaction can occur due to a variety of problems.  Fortunately, the Super Solver Team, has a variety of tools for solving those problems. The Team helps sift through customer inquiries by type and priority and ensure the right member of The Team is mobilized.

One of the tools of the Super Solver Team is Automated Menu. It is he sidekick that keeps inquiries flowing while our human agent heroes defend against the more complex minions of Customer Dissatisfaction.

Contact centers are heroes to customers

Often customer needs can be addressed with ease by Automated Menu, or other helpful contact centers’ assistants like Cool ChatCat or Major E. Mail. If and when an issue demands human attention, the customer is routed to a live agent of the Super Solver Team.

Data to the Rescue

To stop Customer Frustration from morphing into Customer Rage it’s critical that the customer’s information is properly saved so they don’t have to repeat themselves at every step of the resolution. This way they know they are being heard, and their time is being used effectively to defeat the problem.  

Super Solver Central gathers data for the purpose of identifying which minions of Customer Dissatisfaction are showing up most often. Armed with that information the Super Solver Team crafts a plan to thwart these issues permanently. At the same time they improve both workflow and customer satisfaction.

The Super Solver Team can gather data from multiple allies like chat interfaces, email, social and phone sources. That data can be mined for repeating challenges discovering where, when and how victory over Customer Dissatisfaction is achieved so it can be replicated.

contact centers are heroes to companies

Customers appreciate companies that meet their needs.  For this to happen effectively, communication is key. The Super Solver Team is the nexus of such communication. Our heroes use a super tool belt of tech to analyze conversations, identifying areas where a company can improve and grow.  

When customers see that a company will grow with them, the menace of Customer Dissatisfaction is kept at bay. Then Brand Confidence can step in to ensure a long lasting relationship.

They don’t always receive the credit they deserve, but contact centers and call centers conquer company and customer day to day problems. They are heroes because the buck stops with them.