3 Other Reasons Customers Contact Customer Service

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3 Other Reasons Customers Contact Customer Service

There are many reasons customers contact customer service:

Alice can’t get her computer to boot.

George received a part that doesn’t fit his motor.

Dani never received her order at all.

And Raj is almost apoplectic with frustration this is his fourth attempt to get a credit for an item he returned a month ago.

These are reasons customers contact customer service but these aren’t the only times customers communicate. There are other valid reasons a customer might contact your business.

More Information, Please

Consumers contact customer service when they need more information on your product. This isn’t because it’s terrible but because they want a deeper understanding of  it or to learn what makes it superior to other products.

Maybe a consumer wants to know how an item they purchase is made or where they can find your brand locally. Perhaps they need to integrate your product with others they have and need some assistance in doing so.

These kinds of connections benefit your business as well as your customer. They provide insight about how information on your products can be improved to enhance your customer’s experience and reduce customer service load.

Hey, I Have an Idea

Customers engage with your products in real-life situations that reveal ideas on how they can be evolved to be more useful, efficient, and targeted. Their feedback can help you design your next product. In this way your customer is not only your target market, they are part of your product design team. When customers reach out with an innovative idea, especially if your tracking shows that multiple customers are on the same page, they are doing your work for you.

Not all ideas will be worth implementing, but when your customers feel heard they are more likely to praise your company. Ideas they bring create an opportunity to build lasting relationships improving customer retention.

This is Awesome!

And sometimes, just sometimes, your customers contact your center to offer praise or thanks. When a product really hits the spot, your customers want that product to stick around. They claim loyalty to your brand like it’s their favorite sports team.

Happy customers are your greatest free marketing/PR. Just make sure you acknowledge their praise. Acknowledgment goes a long way toward solidifying long-term brand loyalty.

Yeah, sometimes your customers are trying to get a coupon or free item. Better to reward praise than pay the cost of complaints. I’m sure your customer service agents agree.