10 Aspirational Customer Experience Quotes from the Pros

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10 Aspirational Customer Experience Quotes from the Pros

You want to be the best in your industry. Listen to the advice of some of the best. Here are some aspirational customer experience quotes from the pros on practices to aim your business for the stars.

1. Aim to Become the Standard

“If your brand is used in a sentence to position it as the brand that others should emulate, then you are operating at a Trademark level of service.” – Shep Hyken

 When Your Company Becomes a Verb, Hyken blog  
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2. Build Relationships

“A key driver behind managing the customer experience is being able to form an emotional connection with your customers.” – Alex Stenton-Hibbert

Customer Experience Management – the Latest Thinking in Looking After Customers, Call Center Helper

3. Treat Agents Well

“To deliver a high-touch experience, employees must be treated the way they’re expected to treat customers⁠: exceptionally.” – Kristi Runyan

What is high-touch customer service? (+ how to deliver it),  Zendesk blog

4. Communicate

“Develop a frequent communications calendar to keep in touch with customers at regular intervals. Frequent communication means the customer is more likely to feel valued and repeatedly engage with your brand, which could see up to a 300% rise in profit!” – Ty Givens

Customer Retention Strategies: Simple Steps To Nurture Existing Customer Relationships The Workforce Pro blog
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5. Watch Your Language

“Language matters, internally as well as externally, because feelings matter. “Please” and “Thank you” are not forbidden phrases. Use them often” – Micah Solomon

8 Internal Customer Service Best Practices, Micah Solomon blog

6. Define Your Vision

“Your customer experience vision is an inspirational and aspirational statement that outlines the future state of the customer experience.” – Annette Franz

How Can You Kickstart Your Customer Experience Program, CX Journey blog

7. Use the Right Tools

“…the modern, work-from-anywhere contact center requires that we adopt the right tools and practices to internally support our agents so that they can effectively support our customers.” – Jeremy Watkin

4 Internal Customer Support Practices for the Modern Contact Center  Customer Think
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8. Stay in Touch with Authenticity

“People know to call your customer service 800# when they have a problem. Yet, hearing from a company proactively to express words of thanks helps build trust and connections. Reminder: must be genuine and authentic as customers know the difference.“  – Stacy Sherman

Experts Share Secrets on How To Delight Customers & Create Loyal Superfans, Doing CX Right

9. Anticipate Customer Needs

“Well, your customers have needs too. And the best service providers can anticipate these unspoken needs and address them before they happen.” – Steve DiGioia,

5 Things Pro Wrestling Teach Us About Customer Service, Steve DiGioia blog
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10. Experiment to Improve

“Frequently experimenting with micro-innovations rather than “all in” strategies will lower risk and open the door to consistently improving the customer experience.” – Amanda Riches

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